XRP Lotto

How to setup a full custody wallet for XRP

00:00:00 - Start

00:00:03 - Navigate to the website https://www.toastwallet.com

00:00:14 - Click the installer for your device/OS

00:00:26 - The software download will start

00:00:30 - Run the installer if it does not autostart

00:00:45 - Install the software just like any other tool

00:01:01 - Open "Toast Wallet" after the install is done

00:01:08 - Click the arrow in the lower right

00:01:21 - Click the "Create a New Wallet" button

00:01:38 - Enter and write down a pin for the wallet

00:01:46 - Enter and write down your passphrase

00:02:12 - Click the "Set Passphrase" button

00:02:22 - Click the "OK" button

00:02:31 - Write down your keywords

00:02:37 - Read and click the two slider buttons

00:02:44 - Click the arrow in the bottom right

00:02:52 - Click the "Finish Setup" button

00:03:13 - Click the "Add" icon on the accounts screen

00:03:19 - Click the "Generate New Address" button

00:03:28 - Type in the passphrase you setup earlier

NOTE: Make sure you have written down your passphrase and pin up to this point. Store the passphrase and pin in a safe place.

00:03:57 - Click the "Import this Address" button

00:04:00 - Click "OK" to the confirmation popup

00:04:07 - Read the disclaimer screen carefully

00:04:23 - Click the "Create a Backup Now" button

00:04:32 - Click the "Copy" button

00:04:45 - Paste the result into a text file

00:04:54 - Click the "Home" button at the bottom to see your address

00:05:11 - Your wallet is now setup.

NOTE: Unlike an address on an exchange, you have full custody over this wallet and it's funds. Before you add funds make sure you exit "Toast Wallet" and can log back in with the pin.

Transfer funds from crypto exchange wallet to the lottery wallet

00:00:02 - Open the "Toast Wallet" application

00:00:11 - Under "Accounts", click on your address

00:00:18 - Click he copy button next to your address

00:00:27 - Start the send process on the crypto exchange

00:00:36 - Paste your wallet address into the XRP address field

00:00:42 - Input a number one to nine digits long for the "Tag" field

00:00:50 - Enter the amount of XRP to send to your wallet

NOTE: There may be limits on withdrawal depending on the exchange you use.

00:00:59 - Complete the verification to send funds

00:02:15 - Open the "Toast Wallet" application

00:02:21 - The funds will appear in your wallet

00:02:48 - Open the webpage xrplotto.gamebsd.com

00:02:58 - Click the copy text button to get the lotto address

00:03:17 - On the confirmation window, click Close

00:03:33 - Open the "Toast Wallet" application

00:03:58 - Click the "Send" button

00:04:04 - Under "To Address", click the paste button

00:04:29 - Type in 5 for the amount

00:04:39 - Click the "Send"

00:04:54 - Fill in your passphrase for your wallet

00:05:04 - Click the "Confirm Payment" button

00:05:07 - Click the "OK" button

00:05:21 - That's it! 5 XRP was sent to the lottery.

NOTE: The 5 XRP counts as one ticket. Send 5 more XRP to purchase another ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets you can purchase. Be sure to only send 5 XRP at a time. Sending less than 5 XRP or more than 5 XRP will not count towards the lottery and will not be refunded.