XRP Lotto

Buy a ticket

  • Use the QR code or copy text button to get the address.
  • Using your cryptocurrency app, send XRP to the address.
  • Each submission of XRP counts as a ticket. For example, if the ticket price is 1XRP, then two submissions of of 1 XRP counts as two tickets.
  • Amounts less than ticket price:

    • will not be valid for the drawing

    • will not be refunded

  • Funds recieved directly from an exchange may forfeit their winnings.
  • There are no refunds for submitted XRP.

The Drawing:

  • Four winners will be selected each month.
  • Winnings are sent to the address that initiated the transactions.
  • Winning totals will be posted within 5 days after the drawing.

Prize breakdown example:

If the total amount of transactions at the end of the month is 100 XRP:

  • 10% Processing fee - 10 XRP
  • 50% for 1st place - 45 XRP
  • 50% for 2nd place - 22.5 XRP
  • 50% split for 3rd and 4th place - 11.25 XRP each